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Comment – Post 4

Hello Seul,

I think your post is very clear and organized. It is easy for me to read and follow. I really enjoy watching the video you shared and I think the use of animated characters can attract audience’s attention and make them feel more interested in the content as well. I agree that this video can be seen as interaction with learning materials. For me, I can directly learn the knowledge in relation to your topic on this video without the direct intervention from my peers. Moreover, I think this video is available for learners who have English as a second language (ESL). I agree that the use of subtitles in the video is quite helpful as well.

Seul’s Post 4

Comment – Post 3

Hello Jiyu,

I think your post is very clear, organized, and easy for me to read and understand. The principles of universal design you listed and explained make me have a better understanding of this concept. Also, you insert an images about the principles in order to help audience to better understand what each principle is and what the examples it includes directly. The example you shared about universal design grab my attention as well because it plays a very valuable and meaning role in this COVID-19 pandemic.

Jiyu’s Post 3

Comment – Post 2

Hello Tingyan,

The image about Experiential Learning Cycle you inserted in your post is very informative, helpful, and useful for us to have a better understanding of this learning approach. I really liked that you use this cycle to analyze how to use it to the blueprint and final project. It is very clear and easy to understand. As you described in your post, the purpose of experiential learning is to help learners to learn the knowledge through practice and experience and learn from mistakes, consequences, and achievements. In my opinion, it is important in learning because it can not only help learners to develop their critical thinking skill, but also can have more cognitive ability.

Tingyan’s Post 2

Comment – Post 1

Hello Tingyan,

I think the examples you presented is very clear and useful. As an international student, I also had the experience of learning IELTs and taking IELTs test. I think the online tool you recommended is very useful and helpful. I really liked that you highlighted some key words by using bold in your post, which makes it clearer and easier to read. Also, I agree with your ideas about that the learning strategy of cognitivism focuses on the mental process. The example you provided helps me to better understand this strategy as well.

Tingyan’s Post 1