Hi everyone,

My name is Sifan Pan. I come from Beijing, which is the capital of China. Beijing is the second largest cities in China by urban population and it is also the nation’s political, cultural, and educational center. There are many famous and meaningful places of interest in Beijing, such as Temple of Heaven, the Great Hall of the People, the Summer Palace, and the Great Wall. I think it will be very important and meaningful for you to go to my hometown if you plan to travel to China. This is my fourth year studying here and my major is Economics. My favorite academic subjects are economics, business, and mathematics. I am good at solving logical and mathematical problems.

I like playing the drums and going traveling. I have learned to play the drums for many years as well. I tried to start a band and met many friends who love music and playing different musical instruments past year. Also, during the vacation, I prefer to go traveling with my girlfriend. In my opinion, traveling can not only make me feel relaxed, but also can open up my eyes and learn more about cultures and traditions from different places.